Lighted Self Service Wash Bays

Lighted Self Service Vacuum Stations

Your "One-Stop" Self-Service Wash

Self-Serve Wash Bays

  • 4 Full Sized Wash Bays
  • 1 - 14.7 ft. high Wash Bay for R's, Boats and Semi's
  • Well Lighted Wash Bays- for your safety -
  • 9 Option Wash Functions
  • Marine and P.W.C. Engine Flush
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4 Full Sized Wash Bays
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9 Option Wash Controls
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1 14.7' High Wash Bay
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Well Lighted Bays to keep you safe
'bout time for a wash - don't ya think?
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Marine and P.W.C. Engine Flush
2 Stations per Island
Large Work Areas

Self-Serve Vaccum Islands

Shampoo & Fragrance

  • 2 Scrub - N - Vac Units
  • 3 Fresh - N - Vac Units
  • Well Maintained Vacuum Equippment
  • Well lighed - for your safety
  • Large Work Areas
  • Choice of Vacuum Options
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Well Maintained Vaccums
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2 Stations per Island
get "spiffed up" inside and out!
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2 Scrub-N-Vac Units
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Large Work Areas
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3 Fresh-N-Vac Units

Vending Islands

  • Choice of Air Freshner Scents
  • Towels
  • Window Cleaners
  • Armor-All Products
  • and more.....
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Air Freshner / Towels
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Armor All / Cleaners